Callus Miller Communications Ltd is an indigenous communication company that started business about the year 2000. It is registered with the cooperate affairs Commission in tandem with the requisite constitutional provisions of Nigeria. The company majors in sales of communication devises like: GSM phones, laptops, cameras, Data packages, Allied Accessories, among others.

Callus Miller Co. Ltd is a well-equipped business firm with qualified staff capacity of about eighty (80) personnel spread through her five branches across the company. It is pertinent to note here that but for the posts of Cleaners, every other staff is a qualified graduate

Communication industry is a blue chip sector that currently favorably competes with the Oils sector mostly because it pivots on consumerism. With the advent of GSM technology in 1999 in Nigeria, there was a massive patronage by the both Low and High income earners; the resultant effect is unimaginable. Callus Miller Co. Ltd is among the pioneer investors in the industry where they basically engage in importation and sales of GSM phone devices with distribution of Network Providers Sim Cards allied materials.

In the course of doing this business, Callus Miller Co. Ltd restricted herself in the consistent sales of only original Phone devices; this feat, kept over the years earned the firm the leading positions in the South – South, South-East rejoins of the country as it presently boast of about 800 footfalls daily.

Consumers in the industry are very large considering the robust population of Nigeria and her constituent states; to the extent that the road-side “Akara” (Baked bean) seller uses a GSM phone. However the sensibility of an average Nigerian GSM phone consumer is such that he opts for only Original devices without much emphasis on cost. This explains why people could travel all the way from Owerri, Bayelsa, Cross Rivers, among other neighbouring in order to patronize Callus Miller Co. Ltd in her Port Harcourt Office.

The industry is thrive and so bound to experience stiff competition. Besides Slot Communications in Port Harcourt, per se, all other Phone device dealers in Rivers State, where we major, are minor competitors. Our Major competitive advantage is our years of experience in delivering original devices and quality services to our teaming clientele. However our choice locations with massive office complexes always form the hub of the Business with its attendant flanking competition.


Our marketing strategy has always been basically the use of both Electronic and Print Media. We also have very functional website with online purchase and home delivery mechanism put in place to meet the demands of our dear customers. However, we have a strong customer service policy that grooms our staff well in delivery of quality customer relations services. Regular staff trainings is also part of our strategy


Our Management team is composed of seasoned professionals led by our ingenious Managing. As earlier mentioned, the majority of our staff are Graduate from across disciplines. This gives room for quick strategic pollination of ideas.